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16 Fashion and Beauty Hacks to help you SURVIVE Summer

We all love summer but not the problems which come with it! Definitely not! So to make the tension less, we’ve got some cool fashion and beauty hacks which will help you survive in summer!

Armpit sweat is the ugliest thing which happens during this season. Remove yellow stains that are left behind by sweat stains using lemon juice before putting them for wash. Wash lemon juice on affected areas.

1 You would hate me if I say more clothes keep you cool. But what if I tell your wearing a tee under your shirt to keep you cool, will you wear it?
2Take off your shoes as often as possible! Best alternative, avoid wearing shoes in summer.
3Keep your lotions and creams in the fridge because the heat will melt and denature them. They are pretty costly, and you surely don’t want to waste them!
4Put teabags in your footwear while you aren’t wearing them. It will make them dry and take away the bad odor too!
5Clean white shoes with baking soda to keep them clean and away from the summer dust.
6Once you have done your makeup, spray an antiperspirant spray on your face to keep your makeup fresh for a longer time.
7We Indian usually use old clothes to make door mats but why not make a nice crop top out of it. A little cut here and there and you will get a custom made crop top!
8Make your denim shorts do lacey with this amazing DIY!
9Turn your normal bra into a racer back one with using a paper clip and go hit the gym!
12Frizzy hair is a common problem in summers. Rub a dryer sheet on it for reducing static and giving a smooth look.
11Remove weird odors from cloths spraying the clothes with a mixture of vodka and water.
10To fancy yourself this summer, wear your scarves in as many different ways as possible. Play light on the clothes.
13.cmsWear a flesh toned bra while wearing a white t-shirt. Unless you want to show it off.
14Opt from loose palazzos or cotton pants instead of tight denim jeans.
15Choose open toed footwear instead of a closed one!

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