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5 Traditional Ways Of Draping A Sari

Sari is not only considered traditional attire but indeed a perfect classy dress for a wedding. Yes, there are dresses like lehngas, Patiala’s etc. specially designed for ethnic functions, but ten to one sari is the most sophisticated and classy outfit out of all.


It is interesting to note that how use of saris has evolved from centuries as a cultural inheritance. Even in a crowd of people wearing saris, rarely on can find a match of similar style of sari drape. Everyone has their own distinct style when it comes to sari draping depending on the fabric of sari and comfort of the sari wearer. The different drapes give altogether a different look and even a new identity.


Out of all the techniques of sari draping, here are listed 5 traditional ways of wearing a sari which goes perfect for all occasions, celebrations and even social gatherings.


The first obvious way is the simple way to drape a sari. It is although simple yet elegant. This is the way in which one end is tied on the waist and rolled around with few pleats and the remaining sari hung over the left shoulder to cover the tummy area and the chest. To manage the sari well, the other end is pined on to the shoulder making it convenient to handle. This is the simplest way of draping the sari. The sari in chiffon material sticks well to the body, giving it a very classy and elegant look.



The Bengali way of draping the sari is the one without pleats.it is just wrapped over the waist and taken to one side of the shoulder. Interestingly, the other end is again taken over and brought back from under the right arm crossing from the left shoulder and tied back in front of the left shoulder. Usually, brooches are used to decorate the pinned area. This covers up the entire body and highlights further the heavy work done on the other end of sari.


Gujarati way is similar to the traditional way of sari draping just that the other end ends over to the right shoulder from front rather than the left shoulder. This way of sari draping is good to highlight the heavy border work on the sari.



Half sari concept comes from Maharashtra. This style doesn’t require a base wear for the sari. This is magnificent way of sari draping as it requires a 9 yard long sari which is drawn up between the legs and worn like a dhoti and tucked behind the waist.



Tamilian way is like the south Indian traditional way of sari draping. Once the sari is wrapped around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg and rest of the sari goes over the left shoulder which is once again wrapped round the waist and tucked on the left side.


These might be the regional ways of draping sari but are unique on its own and are commonly seen in every traditional occasion. Indeed, sari beautifies the woman and makes her look gorgeous.

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  1. Sari specially in India our traditional cloth from many of the years. In different regions there are many ways to wear sarees according to the tradition of the state or region. Sometimes it also depends on us how we carry a sari..

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