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7 Fashion Essentials You Need To Have in 2017

2017 is the age of t-shirt necklace, and transparent pants. Looking at these things will make you cringe. However, there are certain fashion essentials which you must have in 2017 or else your year won’t be complete.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started with the list of fashion essentials you must have in 2017

#1 Oxidised silver earrings

You can wear it daily and gives a subtle ethnic look.

#2 Multi-colored hoops

Hoops are back into fashion, so why shouldn’t you have one pair?

#3 A navy blazer

A navy blazer can be used for a daytime meeting and a night time party.

#4 White shirt

Years come and go, but a white shirt will always be part of any fashion essential list.

#5 Tan sandals

These sandals come handy as they go along with any clothes and look.

#6 Large tote bag

Everyone wants to carry a small bag, but that’s not possible. there are some many things to carry, from the sanitizer, wet tissues, water bottle, basic makeup, and a notepad.

#7 Tie and dye kurta

Everyone around the world is obsessed with everything tie and dye. So why not flaunt it where it all originated?

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