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9 Easy Outfit Ideas For The Lazy Soul

There are two types of people – ones who take hours to get ready, they have everything in order and always sparkling and the other who take only 5 minutes to take ready but look fabulous! They value their time but they like to be presentable too! So for such lazy yet smart working souls we’ve listed some easy outfit ideas-

Old school look

This is really simple. With a plaid skirt wear a nice black top or shirt and complete the look with black low pumps and you are done!


She’s got the swag

Another simple look. Wear a white t-shirt with skinny black jeans and complete the look with a grey loose sweater and white vans.


Boyfriend borrowed

Now it isn’t compulsory to have a boyfriend you can steal a shirt from your elder brother or father. Since this shirt will fit really loose tie a knot with it at the waist and wear a high waist pair of jeans with it. Tie a bandana and complete the look with flip flops.


Something graphic

Graphic t-shirts are so easy. With them on you don’t need any more. So why not couple it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some sneakers!?


Something grey and simple

A simply grey oversized dress is a useful choice when you don’t feel like dressing up. Put on some red lipstick and a dusky grey beanie and comfortable vans.


Everything black

This might be everyone’s favorite choice! Wear a black crop top along with black culottes and golden and black cap top bellies. If required wear a trench coat or just leave it like that!


Jumpsuiting the look

This will only take a few minutes but result will be simply beautiful. Just put on any jumpsuit you have and a pair of nude pumps! Ta-da! You are ready.


Summer dress

It isn’t necessary to wear a summer dress only in summer. Maybe because of its pastel colors it gets that name. Wear your summer dress and put on a denim jacket and some nice wedges and you’re lipstick!


Something quirky

Have you ever worn a shirt under a dungaree? No? Well, then you need to! Wear a nice printed shirt under a dungaree and pair the look with black vans.


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