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Try These 6 Cool Ways To Stay Away From October Heat

Just when the monsoon was making their presence felt, October arrived. The sweltering heat is surely going to take a toll on all of us and heat is going to be double worst coupling itself with the droughts. It is necessarily important to keep the heat out of your system and air-conditioner isn’t the solution, they are doing more harm than good.

The textile industry, the most polluting industry of the world, ironically helps us keep out the heat, along with nutrition and topical supplements.

Here are some cool ways in which you can stay cool during this October heat. Let’s get started-

Feel hot, look cold

Cottons with a twist!  Cotton has always been our top most choice to beat the summer heat and as well as October heat. But wearing those same kurtis and cotton tops is soooo boring, isn’t it? Let’s put a twist to it and make it all the more interesting! Wear a sheer cotton kurti with three-fourth sleeves, vibrant cotton knitted fitted t-back inside, blue jeans, funky ethnic chappals and antic gold danglers in the ears. Complete the look by tying your hair in a messy bun and put on bronze make up.

Fit rules!!!!

Yes, the many exclamations, were out of excitement. We often are in notion that wearing loose clothes would make you feel less hot ( the temperature I am talking about :P). By fitted clothes I mean cotton knitted fitted clothes. A basic t-shirt with cotton pants or chinos and a statement necklace along with flip flips and tie your hair in a funky manner! Put your creativity into race!


Go sockless

Yes, go sockless. No more stinky feet and those yucky soaks. Tell me, you always wanted to not wear socks, because you also know how ugly and stinky it gets by the end of the day. So! Go socklesssssss !!

go sockless

Bring out those lovely accessories

The best way is to keep this simple this season is to wear normal clothes and wear accessories. Then it may be just a crazy scarf around the neck or a pair of feather earrings and funky ethnic chappals!



Eat fruits- water melon, musk melon, apples, pears, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, dhudhi ka soup, tomatoes and as much as water as you can. You can basically live on fruits and vegetables this month to keep out the heat away!

fruits and vege

Topical ways

Make rose water at home, buy just boiling rose petals in water until the color of the petals comes in the water. After a hectic day out or before going out, take two cotton pads for half an hour and you’ll feel as fresh as ever! Also while going out use SPF 50 sun screen and if you aren’t going out and going to spend the day at home use a light SPF 15 moisturizer!

sunscreen rose water

Stay away from heat strokes and enjoy 2015, it’s almost ending!


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